welcome to our neocity!

main info abt us ♡

we have a few system names but here are the ones we use the most: "the estes method", "adventure time critters" and "you should really run".

we also have a lot of collective names! we will list all of there here since there is enough space for that: gola , amadahy , winnie , luz , meli and blight! there are some cherokee names aswell but we won't share those unless we are very close!

we use he / him and moth / moths pronouns, the second set is mostly for special interest purposes, you don't have to use them if you don't like using neopronouns on people.

we are a bipoc / soc and we won't talk about it with you, our culture matters a lot to us and we only share it with those close to us.

added info ♡

we use a lot of xenogenders to identify / label ourselves. here are the ones we identify with most at the moments: mothypic , humanthing , sun transmasc , mothgender and obscuracademic. we also identify as amid and queer.

we have a lovely partner system who is always by our side /pos. we love him to death and talking to him always makes our mood 10 times better. he takes care of us like nobody else has ever done. he understands the little things about us that others find confusing. xe is the cutest ever and spending time with it is the best thing we could ever ask for. we love you amity /r ♡

Scary Ghost

♡ thank u for reading! ♡